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DIY Table Skirt

Learn how to make a table skirt in this 10 minute instructional video from a 22-year master seamstress!


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Written Instructions

A great look that fits any room is a round table with a custom skirt. Skirts are easy to make and so much better than using sheets.
Small Skirted Table
I use the smaller sized tables for night stands. I use the 30" tables for sitting areas in master bedrooms in place of heavy dressers. They are also beautiful as a table in a family room or living room for any vignette setting. (PS - The chair cover in this photo is ugly so don't copy that unless your chair is uglier).

Decorator fabric usually comes in 54" widths (2" of these inches are salvage edges). To make a custom table round use the Tablecloth Calculator and enter your table dimensions to see what size round cloth you need.

Let's say you were creating a skirt for a 30 inch table, 30 inches high. Using the above tablecloth calculator we would see that you need a 90" round tablecloth. Time to get started! (please note the diagrams below are NOT drawn to scale).










Start with 5 yards of solid fabric

Cut your fabric at 90" (or whatever round size you need) and then split the remaining fabric in half lengthwise

Sew the split fabric to the sides of the solid piece

Fold your fabric in half and then half again. The corner without edges is your center - mark it with chalk or a pin, then lay your
       fabric out flat

With a 45 (or half the length of theinch string, put one end of the string at the center of the wrong side of the fabric and swing your string around in a circle marking your fabric with a chalk.

Cut fabric at the chalk line and now you have a 90 inch circle

Sew a half inch hem all the way around

To add trim such as fringe or a large welt you need 8.50 yards.

You can buy ready made 2" welt's in solid fabrics. Just stitch it on per instructions

For a 3" or 4" fringe, lay it on the edge with the bottom of the fringe hanging at the edge of the skirt and top stitch it on.

Optional: Create an overlay topper

Cut additional fabric at 2 1/2 yards

Now sew them side by side seen below

Then make your circle with chalk as shown before and cut at the chalk line. The seam will be down the middle of the table skirt but will be hidden with a 52 inch square topper.

To make a square topper - simply buy 54" of fabric at 54" width and hem.

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