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Thank you for visiting our Product Info page. We know you have a lot of questions. Here you can find answers for what materials we use, measurements, and custom information. If you don't find what you need, please call us using the number at the top of the page. We think it's great that you do your research and we'd love to help!

Headboards  | Table Tops/Tables  |  Glass Tops



What material are the headboards made of?
Our headboards are made from a ¾” thick pine frame with ¼” sheets
of luan on either side, bringing the total thickness to 1 ¼”. This provides
a sturdy and durable headboard that is lightweight and ready to upholster.

What is the height of the headboard?
Headboards are available in 40” to 60” overall height. This measurement is
from the floor to the highest point on the headboard. The height of the body of the headboard is 32" and the legs are adjustable according to the overall height. Custom orders are accepted!

Are the headboard heights adjustable?
You can specify the height you would prefer the headboard to be cut to,
but they cannot be readjusted in the home.

What are the widths of the headboards?
King headboards are 78” wide.
Queen headboards are 62” wide.
Full headboards are 55” wide.
Twin headboards are 40” wide.

Can you make custom California King size?
Yes, we can make a California King size headboard at 74” wide.
Pricing is the same as a regular King size headboard. When you place
your order, please add ‘California King Size’ in the special instructions
box on the checkout page.

How much do the headboards weigh?
King headboards weigh between 40-48lbs
Queen headboards weigh between 30-38lbs
Full headboards weigh between 28-35lbs
Twin headboards weigh between 22-30lbs

Our headboards are lightweight, but vary depending on size and height chosen.

Can you do custom headboard shapes?
Custom orders are welcome, though we can do custom shapes only when a
template for shape and measurements is provided.


Assembling the Headboard

Do the headboards have pre-drilled holes for mounting?
Yes, all of our headboards come with pre-drilled holes and the hardware
needed to attach to any standard metal bed frame with end plates.
Our legs also have pre-drilled holes on both sides allowing for the width
adjustment you desire.

Can the headboard be mounted to the wall?
If you’d prefer to mount the headboard to the wall instead of the bed
we can include wall mounting hardware. You’d receive (4) wall mounting
brackets. Two brackets attach to the headboard and two attach to the wall.
Then slide them together to hold the headboard to the wall.


Finishing & Upholstery

Can the headboards be painted or stained?
We suggest upholstering the headboards. Painting and staining could
be a problem because the edges are
made from a different material (a pine frame covered in poplar luan).
If this is not an issue, you can possibly paint or stain after applying wood
putty over the nail holes.

Do you include instructions on how to upholster with fabric?
We offer a free guide on how to upholster a headboard
written by a professional Interior Designer for Ready to Cover products.

You can find the guide here: How to Upholster a Headboard

Are the legs hidden or do they need to be covered?
The top portion of the legs slide into the headboard and are not visible.
You can choose whether to upholster the portion that does show.

What should I use to pad the headboard?
We suggest using a 1”-2” thick hypoallergenic foam and quilt batting.
These items can be found online and in most craft stores.




Table Tops/Tables

What material are table tops made of?
Our table tops are made of birch plywood. This provides
a sturdy and durable table top.


How thick are your tops?
Our table tops are ¾” thick.


What material are table legs made of?
Our legs are made of maple from Pennsylvania.


How is the edge finished on your plywood table tops?
All our tables have an unfinished edge which shows the layers in the plywood. There is an upgrade option to a laminated edge which uses a white birch veneer to cover the layers in the plywood. This option is highly recommended if you are looking to paint or stain the product.

Are the products' unfinished surfaces really smooth?
All of our surfaces are sanded smooth.


Glass Tops

Is your glass tempered?
No, our glass is not tempered. However the glass is 1/4" thick, which makes them quite sturdy.


Is your glass edge smooth?
Yes, our glass tops have a pencil edge and are smooth.




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